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Electric motor demand is expanding as their use expands across several sectors. They can turn electrical energy into mechanical energy. The increased need for and installation of electric motors in the energy, power, metal, mining, water, marine and wastewater, and paper industries is propelling the expansion of motor starting control panels. These sectors rely on the widespread use of machinery that requires a continuous power supply. Individual machines with easy control features are provided by the electric motor starting control panel at each operating point.

What are motor starter panels?

A motor start panel includes a motor circuit protector, which enables rapid, precise fault clearing with the goal of minimising harm to the motor and control apparatus while also protecting branch circuit conductors. Isolation disconnect, overcurrent protection, motor controller, overload protection, different control voltage circuit, control operators, and pilot lights are all handled by independent panels. 

A control panel’s common characteristics include a motor starting in both forward and reverse directions. Soft starter panels, for example, feature a starter controller, disconnect or breaker, control power transformers, and auxiliary devices. The other form of control panel utilised in variable frequency drives is used to safeguard and restrict inrush current, adjust speed, and check motor variables.

How do motor starters function?

Motor starters are made up of two parts: a contactor that completes the circuit to the motor and an overload relay that checks the current drawn by the motor. This overload safety mechanism is adjusted to a maximum load that the motor may safely withstand. When a circumstance causes the motor to reach its maximum load, the device opens the motor starting control circuit and turns the motor off.

So, we can say that a motor starter’s purpose is as follows:

  • To start a motor safely
  • To safely bring a motor to rest
  • To reverse a motor’s direction
  • To safeguard the motor from low voltage and overcurrent.

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Do you need to use a motor starter panel?

A motor starter is required to start an induction motor. It is due to the low rotor impedance. The rotor impedance of an induction motor is determined by the slip, which is the relative speed of the rotor and stator. The impedance varies in inverse proportion to the slip.

At standstill (rest position), the induction motor’s slip is at its highest, i.e. 1, hence the impedance is at its lowest and it pulls a large quantity of current known as inrush current. The strong inrush current magnetises the air gap between the rotor and stator, causing an EMF to be generated in the rotor winding. This EMF generates an electrical current in the rotor winding, which generates a magnetic field and torque in the rotor. As the rotor speed is increased, the motor’s slip reduces and the current drawn by the motor decreases.

The high inrush current is 5-8 times the full-load rated current. As a result, such a high current can destroy or burn the motor windings, rendering the machine worthless, and it can create a significant drop in voltage on the supply line, causing harm to other appliances on the same connection.

To safeguard the motor from such high currents, we employ a starter that reduces the initial current for a brief period of time during the beginning and then resumes a regular power supply to the motor once it reaches a particular speed. During normal operation, they also guard against fault conditions like low voltage and overcurrent.

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