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Electrical Control Panels

One of the most important components of a machine or floor plant system is the electrical control panel. However, it is frequently the last part of a project to be addressed. When pricing a control panel, it is important to consider all elements rather than simply the lowest one. Some of the advantages of having a high-quality panel include increased production uptime, panels that function effectively, and simple troubleshooting if a component breaks on an odd event. Nevertheless, users must examine the long-term worth of the control panel, taking into account flexibility and possible future improvements.

A professional industrial electrical panel manufacturer considers all of these concerns when designing the control panel.

Electrical Control Panels Certification

The certification of electrical control panels assures our consumers that we adhere to Indian Standards. Keeping this in mind, all of our industrial electrical panel wirings are electrically tested at our facility in Chandigarh, India, ensuring that the panel arrives on-site tested and verified. In addition, we assign a Project Manager to the project to guarantee that there is a clear line of communication from designing to commissioning.

Key Considerations

When a control panel manufacturer takes on a project for an industrial panel, they evaluate the component layout to obtain the optimal logical-functional arrangement for the control panel design. Power distribution, switching, connectors, circuit breakers, relays, fusing, and safety devices are some of the most important components of an industrial control panel. Apart from that, it is critical to account for the need to give enough room for future expansion. Understand that it is not only about the original design needs, but also about future prospective modifications that provide value and flexibility.

Value Proposition

We provide the following advantages of a well-designed electrical control panel in terms of component placement and trunking layout.

1. Reliability & Safety

Electrical control panels are an essential component of every manufacturing process and a vital part of control systems. Control systems, on the other hand, need the use of a few fundamental components to perform effectively and securely.

2. Control Panel Space

Ample horizontal space allows for the installation or extension of components such as power distribution, circuit breakers, relays, terminal strips, PLC racks, and so on.

3. Vertical Spacing In Panel

Optimal vertical spaces enable power components to disperse heat more efficiently. As a result, an industrial panel manufacturer understands the need of altering the space between control panels for maximum efficacy.

4. Panel Trunking

Using appropriately sized trunking within the panel enables easier maintenance while also leaving room for future cabling.

We are an electrical control panel manufacturer and supplier in Chandigarh and Mohali, India, and we have our own technical in-house design team that produces schematics. We follow all quality manufacturing standards. In addition to our design experience, all of our electrical panel wiring and panel performance is thoroughly tested and we provide you with certified control panels..

There are many low-cost control panels on the market, but we want to make a long-lasting and top-quality panel. All of our custom-built panels are produced and tested at our Chandigarh manufacturing plant. Apart from that, we have a demonstrated track record of servicing in a variety of sectors. Aerospace, Marine, Automotive, Food, Environmental, Robotics, and many more are examples.

So if you are looking for an electrical control panel manufacturer in Chandigarh or electrical control panel manufacturer in Mohali, get in touch with us today.

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