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Best-Quality ACDB and DCDB Boxes For A Fail-Safe System

A solar PV rooftop project has critical components that are DCDB (DC Distribution Box) & ACDB (AC Distribution Box). These boxes manufactured by reliable ACDB and DCDB Boxes Manufacturer in Chandigarh help keep your system secure and safeguard other critical components like PV modules, wires, and inverters from damage.

A solar power plant uses SOLAR energy. When sunlight strikes the solar array, current and voltage are created at the photovoltaic cell’s terminals. Solar ACDB and DCDB panels are LT panels that deliver power from the inverter to the load.

What is ACDB?

The ACDB, also known as the ACCB (AC Combiner Box) or Solar LT Panel, is installed before the client’s primary LT panel on the output side of the inverter. ACDB boxes hold protection devices such as AC MCBs and AC SPDs.

ACDB is a part of a package that also comprises protection devices such as surge protection devices (SPD), MCCB/isolator/fuse/MCB. Hence, this package protects the circuit from travelling surges, overload, and short circuits. It also safeguards human personnel from earth leakage fault that can be fatal.

ACDB also has an energy metre that allows you to instantly read generated power and current generation values such as current, voltage, and power factor. The ACDC Board’s specifications and ratings change depending on the inverter and load capacity.

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What is DCDB?

Between solar PV modules and the DC side of the inverter is a DCDB, also known as an AJB (Array Junction Box) or a CB (Combiner Box). DCDB boxes store protection devices such as DC Fuse (Over Current Protection Devices), DC Isolators, DC MCBs, and DC SPDs.

It is made with the intention of protecting expensive inverters from direct and indirect lightning surges going through its linked wires from solar panels. DCDB includes a combination of DC fuses, surge protection devices (SPD), and DC MCB/Isolators.

The DC power of solar PV module strings is combined into one array by a DC distribution box. In addition, all strings are mixed together and passed via individual array dc fuses in shunt with DC SPD. On the dc side, this is known as array junction boxes.

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Correct selection of ACDB and DCDB

These boxes are essential to strengthen the system’s protection and safety. However, if the size selection and choice of these boxes are not done right, they may become hazardous to the project.

With increasing market competitiveness, shrinking margins, and cost-cutting in the business, the quality of design and selection of DCDB & ACDB boxes is frequently compromised.

Because DCDB and ACDB boxes are typically installed outside, they are exposed to UV solar radiation and ambient temperatures. Full polycarbonate enclosures are always recommended by enclosure makers.

Don’t fall for lesser cost alone when choosing DCDB and ACDB boxes for your rooftop solar PV installations. Always verify the enclosure’s material before adding it to your project. Full Polycarbonate material enclosures for solar PV rooftop installations are always advised for a failsafe mechanism.

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